Ooku3 Series White Oak Dresser

One Unit: $3850 | 36" wide X 34" high x 20" deep

two units Stacked: $7500 | 36" wide x 58" high x 20" deep

TWO UNITS side by side: $7700 | 72" wide X 34" high x 20" deep

Made of quarter-sawn White Oak, the subtle brown-toned grain and figure of the Oak show through the rich black dye and lacquer finish. Each drawer section is intended to look as if it were a separate box stacked upon each other. The inner drawer parts are made of Cherry sides and Eastern Red Cedar bottoms. The top retains its natural live edge.

One unit stands alone.

Two units can be stacked or set side by side.

Please inquire about optional changes to size and additional wood species.






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