The Hatpin Table started out as a need to design a base for a single slab of Sassafras measuring 34" wide x 78" long. If you are from the east coast and know trees, then you will know how remarkable the size of that slab is, since the average size of the Sassafras trees here in Virginia are about 3-6" in diameter. Ultimately, this slab was a little too asymmetrical for the table and I chose to glue-up the top and apply a breadboard edge. The breadboard edge helps to keep the top flat across the width. It is pegged from underneath into tenons that allow for expansion of the 1 1/4" top. The curved base is my reaction to the many angled or straight leg base designs that are underneath most tables. The Walnut "pin" in the center assembly has no explanation other than "I like the way it looks", and because I like to name my furniture, I decided that it reminded me of a hatpin.